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Hello! I’m Naz, and I created Quirky Brown Girl to share my thoughts on the world of fashion and beauty.

There are two main motivators behind why I started this blog:

  1. Diversity and representation are serious issues within the fashion and beauty industry. Despite the recent progress, we still have a long way to go. Therefore, it’s important for people who are frequently underrepresented, to find a way to have their voice heard and to be seen, especially at a time when it seems that people are willing to listen and act.
  2.  From my experience, the representation of South Asian women tends to be one-dimensional. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to see a fellow brown girl representing. However, as a self-confessed “weird” brown girl who tends not to fit in with other girls from the South Asian diaspora, I would love to also see “alternative” South Asian women represented in fashion and beauty. We exist!

On this blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics related to fashion and makeup including product and brand reviews, my recommendations, makeup swatches (which might be useful if you have a similar skin tone to me), style tips, as well as my thoughts on diversity, advertising faux pas, and PR fails within the industry.

Although this blog will focus on fashion and beauty, I’ll also be using this space to share my thoughts on other topics including queer issues, sex research, feminism, and mental health.

About me

I’m a psychology graduate with a background in female sexual health and well-being research, singer-songwriter, amateur pole dancer, and mother to a beautiful tabby called Luna. 


I’m an avid fan of chunky heels and anything high-waisted, which at 5’2 tall, are essentials for me (!) I don’t think I have a particular style as I like to mix things up depending on how I feel. However, I’m particularly drawn to “quirky” or alternative fashion.


I discovered makeup at a time when I was looking for a new way to express myself artistically. Having been consumed by academics (by choice) for 5 years at university, I thought that the creativity inside me was lost – I was wrong!

My makeup style tends to be on the colourful side. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I love to experiment with colour as much as possible. You’ll only find cruelty-free looks on this blog.

Connect with me 🙂

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