5 Ways to Slay Layering in Summer

Quirky Brown Girl

As oxymoronic as it sounds, summer layering is a thing and you’re probably already doing it.

From throwing a shirt over your outfit to wearing a bralette under a cut-out top, it’s such a simple styling hack that makes use of what’s (probably) already in your wardrobe.

Dig around the back of your wardrobe and you might find a forgotten gem that’s perfect for layering in summer. That’s how some of the outfits featured in this blog came about.

What I love most about layering in general is that it allows me to get a little more creative when styling an outfit.

And on days when I’m in a rush or don’t know what to wear, some casual layering has saved me so much time, but also made me look effortlessly cool (if I do say do myself), helped me to stay cool, and kept my beautiful skin protected from the sun.

Keep scrolling for inspo on 5 ways you can slay layering this summer!


1. Unbuttoned Dress

Have a dress that you can unbutton all the way down or unwrap? Wear it undone this summer over a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.


Quirky Brown Girl
Dress from The Vintage Scene | Asha Sandals by Dr Martens

Quirky Brown Girl


Alternatively, you could take layering to another level by wearing an oversized dress over a slip, because wearing two dresses is better than one! This yellow floral dress is one of my favourites to layer with at the moment.

Quirky Brown Girl
Floral dress from The Vintage Scene | Black Slip by Alexander McQueen | Belt from Rokit | Shoes Dr Martens 1461


Quirky Brown Girl

2. Bralette + Cutout Top

If you read my last blog about not wearing a bra to work, then this might seem like an odd one to include. Typically, I’d be championing braless summers, however, I make the odd exception for bralettes!



A bralette worn under a loose cut out backless top is a sexy combo. I was obsessed with buying bralettes when this became a thing – finally, an opportunity to flash my bra in public.

There are so many beautiful and creative bralettes you can get your hands on these days, from strappy to lace. My favourite style is a caged or bondge-style bralette.




3. Slip/Camisole Dress + Tee

Whatever the length, a slip or camisole dress and t-shirt will always be a match made in heaven, thanks to the 90s. Checked, tartan, or a lace slip are my go-tos for a 90s-grunge look.


Quirky Brown Girl

Quirky Brown Girl


4. Duster

A duster can completely transform an outfit with very little effort. I love wearing a sheer or lace duster over a pair of trousers and t-shirt or over a cute dress.


Quirky Brown Girl
Lace Duster from Boho Kimono | Mustard Trousers from No. 17 Vintage


5. Shirt

Layering with a shirt is an absolute classic, so of course it would appear on this list! I’ve recently been wearing funky shirts with the sleeves rolled up and tied at the bottom over a dress. I think layering with a shirt like this can effortlessly take an outfit from zero to ‘edgy’.


So, there you have it! 5 ways you can slay layering in summer.

These photos were taken during the British summer heatwave and I’ll admit that some of these outfits were not ideal for the weather. However, I have seen quite a few people with sunburn that could have easily been avoided with some casual layering!

With that in mind, for the current heatwave, I’d recommend pairing a slip with a t-shirt or an open oversized dress.

There are so many other ways to layer in summer that I didn’t mention. How have you been playing with layering? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


Photos by Ella Patenall

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